CRL-G18U-P3DF AI Accelerator PCIe Card

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AI Accelerator PCIe Card

Less Energy, High Efficiency
ASUS AI Accelerator PCIe Card is the first PCI Express® expansion card with multiple Coral Edge TPUs for AI inferencing at the edge.

  • ASIC design for AI inference acceleration
  • Multiple AI analytics run in parallel
  • AI-model-pipelining technology to achieve low latency
  • Low power consumption of just 36-52 watts

Parallel ML inferences with low latency

Run multiple AI models at the same time.

In application scenarios that need to run multiple models, you can assign each model to a specific Edge TPU and run them in parallel for maximum performance.

Enhance ML performance with model-pipelining technology

For applications that require fast response or large-model execution, pipelining techniques enable you to partition models into several smaller models.

  • Partition and run : Execute smaller models on different Edge TPUs.
  • Rapid response : Increase throughout in high-speed applications.
  • Reduce latency : Minimize total latency for large models.

Maximize ML result with small datasets

The Edge TPU is primarily designed for inferencing at the edge. With on-device training, it’s possible to run API-based transfer-learning from a pre-trained model to achieve a fine-tuned model directly on the AI Accelerator PCIe Card.

  • Increase model accuracy : Enable transfer learning at the edge via AI Accelerator PCIe card, with no need to for server/cloud interaction for model retraining.
  • Save training time : Optimize models using fewer than 200 images, eliminating the need to start from scratch. 

Do more with less energy

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, AI Accelerator PCIe Card is equipped with excellent thermal stability to achieve inference acceleration with multiple Edge TPUs.

  • Low power consumption : 36/52 W ( 8/16 Edge TPUs).
  • No external PSU needed : Power is drawn directly from the PCIe slot.

Prototype AI applications in minutes

If you have a need to build AI demonstrations or prototypes in short order then AI Accelerator PCIe Card is ready to help. We've developed an AI-deployment builder, called Edge Inference Node for Coral Edge TPU*, in compliance with Node-RED. This programming tool enables flows to be wired together easily using the Edge TPU nodes, all with a single click – avoiding onerous coding during the prototyping stage.

  • Intuitive platform : Browser-based with graphical interface, with no need for coding.
  • Easy to use : Drag and drop any ML node, wire it up and it’s ready to deploy.
  • Data visualization : Monitor usage metrics of the AI Accelerator PCIe Card via the beautifully-designed dashboard.

* Download Edge Inference Node for Coral Edge TPU here

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