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The CY8CKIT-043 PSoC 4® M-Series Prototyping Kit is a low-cost platform for prototyping products using the PSoC 4 M-Series device family, with a snap-away Programmer and Debugger on the USB connector.

Featuring PSoC 4200M

Features the PSoC 4200M device from the PSoC 4 M-Series device family. The PSoC 4 M-Series device family is a new addition to the PSoC 4 family that integrates an ARM® Cortex®-M0 controller with programmable analog front end, programmable digital peripherals and the industry’s best CapSense technology for touch sensing solutions. It also includes advanced peripherals like a Real Time Clock (RTC), Direct Memory Access (DMA) and two Controllable Area Network (CAN) blocks.

Design for Flexibility

Provides access to all the PSoC 4200M device I/Os in a breadboard-compatible format. The kit is designed with a snap-away form-factor, allowing users to separate the KitProg (on-board Programmer and Debugger) from the target board and use it independently. This kit also features a footprint for the EZ-BLE PRoC Module, enabling users to add Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity to their designs.

On-Board Programmer and Debugger

Includes the Cypress KitProg, designed to program and debug the target device using the SWD interface. In this kit, the KitProg board is hardwired to program and debug the target PSoC 4200M device using PSoC Creator or PSoC Programmer. If the EZ-BLE PRoC Module and a switch (SW4) is added to the board,  KitProg can program and debug that module as well.

In addition to the standard program and debug features, KitProg enables bridging support by providing USB-UART and USB-I2C interfaces that target the PSoC 4200M device. It also provides access to Micrium µC/Probe to read and write the memory of the target device.

When snapped away, this tiny KitProg board can be used as an SWD programmer and debugger for any device in the PSoC 3PSoC 4or PSoC 5LP families. The KitProg firmware is programmed with a bootloader image, thus allowing users to upgrade its firmware using a USB bootloader. This adds to the flexibility and gives users an option to develop custom applications for the KitProg device.

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