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The new PureThermal 2 Smart I/O Module with Thermal by FLIR® is a hackable thermal USB webcam for the FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging camera core. Just like its PureThermal 1 predecessor, it ships pre-configured to operate as a plug-and-play UVC 1.0 USB thermal webcam that will work with standard webcam and video apps on all major platforms. For developers, its reference firmware, viewer software, and hardware schematic are all open source. The FLIR Lepton is required for operation of PureThermal 2 (PT2) but is not included by default with purchase. Get PT2 Now.


  • Get Thermal video over USB right out of the box using common apps like VLC Media Player on Mac, Linux, PC, or even Android (see video below).
  • Power Input, Video Output, and Firmware Updates All Over USB (micro B type connector)
  • Compatible with all production FLIR Leptons, including radiometric 2.5 and 3.5 cores
  • Use one standard and included USB type A to micro B cable cable for all major functions
  • USB UVC works on Linux, macOS, Windows, and Android
  • 9 Hz color video over usb using the USB UVC class
  • STM32F412 ARM microprocessor - execute on-board image processing without need for an external system
  • Open source reference firmware: GroupGets PureThermal Github
  • Works with GetThermal - our custom open source thermal video display software for macOS and Linux with radiometric support
  • DFU over USB
  • I2C and UART Expansion over standard 100 mil (0.1") holes
  • JTAG port broken out to SMT pads for debug via ST-Link/V2 (requires additional cable and adapter, not included)
  • Four mounting holes
  • Pads for electromagnetic shielding on top and bottom (shields not placed by default on stock PT2)
  • Compact form-factor ready to be embedded into production systems
  • Want a customized version? Feature request? Bug to report? Contact us
  • I'm ready to buy!

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Firmware & Software

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Use GetThermal to Control and View any Lepton With PT2 on macOS & Linux via USB

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Q. Which Lepton thermal imagers is this board compatible with?
A. This board is compatible with all production FLIR Leptons. We recommend the radiometric Lepton 3.5 for use with PT2 for professional thermal imaging applications.

Q. Which apps work with PT2 on various platforms?
A. While not comprehensive, the short list below should get you started on your favorite platform:

  • Linux: VLC Media Player, gstreamer, Guvcview
  • macOS: VLC Media Player, Facetime, iChat
  • Windows: yawcam (recommended), VLC Media Player, OpenBroadcastSoftware
  • Android: UVCCamera (your mileage may vary)

Q. Where can I get the software to develop for this board?
A. We have been using compilers found at https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded and more information and resources are available ST's STM32 software resources page.

Q. Is there is an IDE for modifying code, compiling, debugging?
A. Any environment that works with the STM32 platform (and its various discovery/evaluation boards) will work, including, but not limited, to MDK-ARM, EWARM, TrueStudio, etc. The reference firmware includes a project to import into System Workbench for STM32 in Eclipse which is free and supports the entire compiling and debugging workflow.

Q. Can I debug over JTAG?
A. While flashing is now possible over USB, we understand that JTAG can be useful if not essential for some applications. We have broken the JTAG signals out to external pads with holes for locking a "pogo" cable into. Part number coming soon.

Important Information

  • All international customers that are ordering any Thermal Imaging Camera will be required to fill out an End Use Statement document before shipment. Once you place your order we will email you with the document within one business day.
  • Important information for customers in Russia. Due to recent US regulations we are no longer able to ship FLIR thermal camera cores to these countries/territories. Any orders containing these products from these countries will be canceled and refunded. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • We can only ship this product with a Lepton to North America, Australia, and the European Union Countries. Any orders for this product with a Lepton placed in a country other than those will be canceled and refunded. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
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