MTI-G-710-2A8G4-DK MTi-G-710 MTi 100 Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer Sensor Evaluation Board

  • Mã sản phẩm: MTI-G-710-2A8G4-DK
  • Nhà sản xuất: XSens
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The MTi 100-series

The MTi 100-series features vibration-rejecting gyroscopes and accelerometers, and offers high-quality position, velocity, acceleration, and orientation, even in challenging environments.

The all-in-one sensor system supports optimized temperature calibration, high-frequency position and orientation output, and has configurable output settings for synchronization with any third-party device.

The MTi 100-series is ruggedly built, with a protective, anodized, IP67 waterproof aluminium housing, waterproof connectors, and special studs for easy mounting and aligning.

MTi 100-series Gyro bias stability Roll/Pitch (Static | Dynamic) Yaw Position/Velocity

MTi-100 IMU



MTi-200 VRU


0.2° | 0.3°



MTi-300 AHRS


0.2º | 0.3º



MTi-G-710 GNSS


0.2º | 0.3º




Input voltage: 4.5-34V or 3V3

Typical power consumption: 450-950 mW

IP-rating: IP 67 (encased)

Temperature: -40 to 85 ºC

Vibration and shock: MIL STD-202; 2000 g for 0.5 ms

Sampling frequency: 10 kHz/channel (60 kS/s)

Output frequency: Up to 2 kHz

Clock drift: 10 ppm or external reference

Latency: < 2 ms

MTBF: 300,000 Hours

Standard full range gyro: 450º/s (1000 º/s optionally)

Standard full range acc: 200m/s2

In-run bias stability gyro: 10º/h

Bandwidth gyro: 415 Hz

Bandwidth acc: 375 Hz

Interfaces: RS232/RS485/RS422/UART/USB


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