ZM5202AE-CME3R ZM5202 General Purpose Z-Wave Module

  • Mã sản phẩm: ZM5202AE-CME3R
  • Nhà sản xuất: Silabs
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The ZM5202 module combines a Z-Wave SD3502 SoC with a built-in microcontroller and Z-Wave RF transceiver, crystal, and passive RF components, which makes it ideal for single microcontroller products, such as lighting and sensors. The ZM5202's small footprint, integrated crystal and passive RF components support single microcontroller Z-Wave solutions for basic applications.

The ZM5202 module addresses the need for increasingly user-friendly and feature-rich Home Control applications by providing 128 kB Flash and 16 kB SRAM. The ZM5202 provides hardware-assisted frequency agility, enabling the module to switch away from a noisy channel without communication or software overhead.

The very-low sleep current of the ZM5202 addresses the growing need for longer battery life, allowing existing Z-Wave products to experience up to double the battery life of current products.

Module Specifications

Key Features:

  • Integrated MCU and RF transceiver
  • 128 kB Flash, 16 kB SRAM
  • 1000 step dimmer (TRIAC/FET)
  • 4-channel 12-bit rail-to-rail ADC
  • 4-channel 16-bit LED PWM
  • 10 GPIOs
  • Hardware AES 128 security engine
  • 1 μA sleep mode
  • 9.6/40/100 kbit/s data rates
  • Regional modules for 868/908/921 MHz
  • Hardware-assisted frequency agility with up to 3 channels
  • ZM4101 pin-compatible
  • Power supply: 2.3-3.6 V
  • 12.5 mm x 13.6 mm x 1.8 mm module
  • 1 channel 16-bit LED PWM
  • Battery monitor
  • Firmware upgrade through SPI

Key Benefits:

  • Pin-to-pin compatibility with ZM3102 and ZM4102 modules provides a fast upgrade path
  • Hardware AES 128 security
  • Reduced power consumption

Target Applications:

  • Existing Z-Wave designs using ZM3102 or ZM4102
  • Thermostats
  • Lighting control
  • Sensors
  • Smart meters

Target Markets:

  • Home control
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