Wirnet iStation

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Wirnet iStation

The Wirnet iStation is the ideal LoRaWAN gateway for your outdoor deployments

With a strong and robust design, Wirnet iStation has been thought to support your smart city, smart industry, or any other smart project, combining simplicity of outdoor installation, unique superior coverage and operational excellence.

The Wirnet iStation is a LoRaWAN gateway that specifically meets the standard requirements of public operators, MVNOs, cable operators, private businesses or public authorities that want to boost their businesses with IoT and to deploy evolutive and reliable networks, connect high volumes of end-devices, and manage millions of bidirectional messages every day.

The Wirnet iStation is easy to operate, even for non-telecom users

This long-range and low-power gateway comes with exclusive features for its remote monitoring, advanced radio network configuration and backhauling management with Kerlink’s Wanesy Management Center: it becomes very easy to operate LoRaWAN network even for non-telecom users.

The Wirnet iStation is also compatible with the Wanesy Small Private Network solution to deploy standalone and self-operating LoRaWAN private network.

The Wirnet iStation is industry-grade and futureproof

Its ruggedized and streamlined design brings together the best of the Wirnet Station and the optimizations of the i-series LoRaWAN gateways (Wirnet iFemtoCell, iFemtoCell-evolution and iBTS), using the same Software for easier and cheaper integration. The Wirnet iStation grants high availability and performance levels that enable flexible and scalable deployments across many industries.

It embeds:

  • Backhaul connectivity: 4G Worldwide module with 3G/2G fallback, and Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Fully integrated and internal antennas GPS, 4G, LoRa
  • Carrier grade (IP67) casing for industrial use
  • 8ch RX (125 kHz, multi Spreading Factor) + 1ch RX (250KHz or 500kHz, mono Spreading Factor) + 1ch RX (FSK) to get 10ch RX + 1ch TX,
  • Mounting kit allowing simple and quick installation without opening the casing,
  • Built-in high-rejection filters for co-localization with other radio devices and enabling strong interference resistance
  • PoE injector powered

The Wirnet iStation is highly secured

Thanks to its innovative software and hardware architecture and integration of Prove&Run SecureBoot and SecureStorage, Wirnet iStation is highly secured.

When integrated to Kerlink Wanesy Management Center, the configuration, management, update and monitoring is quick and convenient.

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