TOUCH Development Kit (UHDK5) Ultraleap

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TOUCH Development Kit

TOUCH is a first-generation development kit, suitable for developing simple haptic sensations.

TOUCH enables you to create simple haptic sensations for straightforward UI applications. Ultraleap technology allows you to touch and feel something real – even though it’s not even there.

TOUCH highlights:

  • Simple sensations such as buttons, sliders and alerts

  • Basic demos included

  • Quick and easy to set up and use

Ultraleap Sensation Editor for all customers

The Sensation Editor makes generating and modifying sensations a simple task and is available to all Ultraleap customers, Full of pre-made sensation templates, you can begin creating and experimenting with sensations straightaway.

Ultraleap “virtual touch” haptic technology

Ultraleap’s patented algorithms control ultrasound waves to create haptic sensations in mid-air – shapes and objects that cannot be seen, but can be felt. No controllers or wearables are needed; the “virtual touch” technology uses ultrasonic transducers to project sensations directly onto the user’s hands.

The TOUCH Development Kit includes:


  • 192-transducer array and control board (ARM® and FPGA architecture)

  • Leap Motion® camera module for hand tracking and gesture recognition


  • 24 x 8 rectangular transducer array – replace the 14 x 14 board provided as standard for alternative form factor requirements

  • Cover material kit – a range of different materials providing different acoustic, physical and visual characteristics


  • Software Development Kit (C#, C++ API and Unity®)

  • Support for Windows, OSX and Linux based platforms

  • Sensation Editor tool: rapidly evaluate and experiment with mid-air haptics sensations

  • Demo suite with basic use cases to help get you started quickly

  • Online support at

Unique haptic sensations

TOUCH enables the creation of simple virtual buttons, sliders and dials suitable for simple effects and straightforward HMI control applications.

The TOUCH Development Kit is ideal for creating simple haptic interactions and controls. Simple interactions such as button clicks, presence alerts and warnings can be created in mid-air using Ultraleap patented technology.

The TOUCH Development Kit is Ultraleap first generation hardware platform, enabling users to develop and evaluate mid-air, or experience basic haptics for the first time.

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