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STM32H745 Discovery STM32H7 ARM® Cortex®-M4, Cortex®-M7 MCU 32-Bit Embedded Evaluation Board

The STM32H745I-DISCO and STM32H750B-DK Discovery kits are complete demonstration and development platforms for STMicroelectronics Arm® Cortex®-M7 and -M4 dual-core-based STM32H745XI (STM32H745XIH6 order code) and STM32H750XB (STM32H750XBH6 order code) microcontrollers, respectively.
The STM32H745I-DISCO and STM32H750B-DK Discovery kits are used as reference designs for user application development before porting to the final product, thus simplifying the application development.

The full range of hardware features available on the board helps users enhance their application development by an evaluation of almost all peripherals (such as USB OTG_FS, Ethernet 10/100Mb, eMMC, USART, SAI Audio DAC stereo with audio jack input and output, MEMS digital microphone, SDRAM, Quad-SPI Flash memory, and RGB interface LCD with capacitive multi-touch panel). Arduino™ Uno V3 connectors provide easy connection to extension shields or daughterboards for specific applications.
STLINK-V3E is integrated into the board, as an embedded in-circuit debugger and programmer for the STM32 MCU and the USB Virtual COM port bridge.

The STM32H745I-DISCO and STM32H750B-DK boards come with the STM32CubeH7 MCU package, which provides an STM32 comprehensive software HAL library as well as various software examples.

•Arm® Cortex® core-based microcontroller with 2 Mbytes (STM32H745XIH6) or 128 Kbytes (STM32H750XBH6) of Flash memory and 1 Mbyte of RAM, in TFBGA240+25 package
•4.3” RGB interface LCD with touch panel connector
•Ethernet compliant with IEEE-802.3-2002, and POE
•USB OTG FS with Micro-AB connector
•SAI audio codec
•One ST-MEMS digital microphone
•2 x 512-Mbit Quad-SPI NOR Flash memory
•128-Mbit SDRAM
•4-Gbyte on-board eMMC
•1 user and reset push-button
•Fanout daughterboard
•2 x FDCANs
•Board connectors:
+USB FS Micro-AB connectors
+ST-LINK Micro-B USB connector
+USB power Micro-B connector
+Ethernet RJ45
+Stereo headset jack including analog microphone input
+Audio header for external speakers
+TAG-Connect 10-pin footprint
+Arm® Cortex® 10-pin 1.27 mm pitch debug connector over STDC14 footprint
+Arduino™ Uno V3 expansion connectors
•Flexible power-supply options:
+STLINK-V3 USB connector, USB FS connector
+5 V delivered by RJ45 (Power Over Ethernet)
+5 V delivered by Arduino™ or external connector
+USB charger
+USB power
•On-board STLINK-V3E debugger/programmer with USB re-enumeration capability: mass storage, Virtual COM port, and debug port
•Support of a wide choice of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) including IAR™, Keil®, GCC-based IDEs

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