SIM7600CE-CNSE 4G DTU Industrial Grade SIM7600CE-CNSE 4G DTU, RS232/485/TTL to 4G LTE, for China, Southeast Asia

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Weight: 0.402 kg

  1. SIM7600CE-CNSE 4G DTU x1
  2. 4G Antenna x1
  3. 1.5m male to female serial cable x1
  4. USB-A to micro-B cable x1
  5. 12V power adapter x1

Industrial Grade SIM7600CE-CNSE 4G DTU, Bidirectional Transparent Transmission Between RS232/485/TTL Serial Port And 4G LTE Network, Mainly Applicable For China, Southeast Asia


Bidirectional Transmission Between RS232/485/TTL And 4G/3G/2G Cellular Network

The SIM7600X 4G DTU is an industrial grade 4G DTU which incorporates Qualcomm platform 4G communication module. It takes only some simple configurations to achieve bidirectional data transparent transmission between RS232/485/TTL serial port and 4G LTE network.

With features like USB dial-up, 4 channel socket connections, and Modbus protocol support, this industrial grade DTU is designed to be fully functional, easy to use, and stable operating. It would be an ideal choice for fields including industrial data collection, communication, remote control, and other IoT applications that need high throughput 4G data communication and have high requirements of data rate and latency.


  SIM7600CE-CNSE SIM7600E-H*
Applicable regions China, Southeast Asia Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea
4G LTE-TDD: B38/B39/B40/B41
LTE-TDD: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20
LTE-FDD: B38/B40/B41
2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 900/1800MHz  
4G (LTE Cat-4) 150Mbps(DL) / 50Mbps(UL)
3G (HSPA+) 42Mbps(DL) / 5.76Mbps(UL)
2G (EDGE) 236.8Kbps(DL) / 236.8Kbps(UL)
2G (GPRS) 85.6Kbps(DL) / 85.6Kbps(UL)
Communication protocol TCP/UDP/RNDIS/Modbus
Socket connection configurable 1~4 channels socket
Modbus collection auto Modbus collection, supports up to 5 commands, user-defined command period and interval
Heartbeat packet user-defined heartbeat packet, configurable interval, supports hexadecimal
Registration packet user-defined registration packet / IMSI registration packet
Software protection re-connecting when offline, configurable failure reboot time
Parameter configuration host computer / cloud
Serial port RS232:
connector: DB9 female
protection: TVS protection, anti-surge, ESD protection
connector: screw terminals (A, B)
protection: 600W lightning-proof, anti-surge, and 15KV ESD protection (reserved 120R balancing resistor solder pads)
operating voltage: 3.3V or 5V
connector: screw terminals (TXD, RXD, GND)
Serial port baudrate supports 300bps ~ 921600bps, 115200bps by default
USB port operating voltage: 5V
connector: Micro USB
protection: ESD protection diode
usage: parameter configuration, dial-up, firmware upgrade
Power input connector: 7~36V screw terminals or DC 12V jack
protection: Schottky diode protection, reverse-proof
Hardware protection embedded MCU, hardware watchdog to prevent system crash, industrial grade aluminum alloy case
Operating voltage 7~36V DC
Operating current idle: 10~30mA @12V
transmit: 80~450mA @12V (depending on the network condition)
Indicator PWR (power supply), RXD/TXD (UART RX/TX), NET (network), LINK (socket connection)
Button reset button
SIM card standard SIM card (1.8V / 3V)
Antenna connector SMA
Operating temperature -40℃~80℃
* not available for the moment, contact us if you're interested

Bidirectional Data Transparent Transmission

Transmitting Data Between RS232/RS485/TTL Serial Devices And 4G/3G/2G Network Server, Configurable 1-4 Channel Socket Connections, Supports Heartbeat Packet And Registration Packet

Modbus Periodic Collection

The DTU Will Automatically And Periodically Collect Sensor Data And Send It To The Network Server, Supports Up To 5 Commands


Supports RNDIS Dial-Up Via USB Port On Windows/Linux
Up To 150Mbps Downlink Speed And 50Mbps Uplink Speed*

* stands for idealized data rate, the actual data rate may fluctuate greatly, depending on factors like network coverage, traffic congestion, base station condition, etc.

DTU Parameter Configuration

The DTU Parameter Is Configurable Via Host Computer Software Or Cloud Platform

Industrial Hardware Design

Three Types Of Serial Port, Multiple Software/Hardware Protection
Industrial Aluminum Alloy Case, More Stable And Safe Operating

Indicators And Button

Monitoring The Connection And Signal Status In Real Time

  1. PWR: lights up red when power-on
  2. TXD: blinking blue when transmitting data
  3. RXD: blinking blue when receiving data
  4. NET: blinking green when network connection is established
  5. LINK: lights up green when connects to a socket server
  6. RESET: reset button

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