LoRa LoRaWAN Gateway - 868MHz Kit with Raspberry Pi 3

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LoRa is a perfect long-range wireless solution to create low-power, wide area networks.So far we have released several “LoRa” boards such as Seeeduino LoRaWan and Grove LoRa Radio etc. However if you want to build you own LoRa network, there are 3 things   that you should prepare to get started: a Gateway, at least one Node and a local server where you can monitor all your devices. 


This kit provides all the basic elements you need: a Raspberry Pi 3, a Seeeduino LoRaWAN with GPS and a gateway & local server that allows you to collect and transfer data among all your LoRa nodes. By connecting the gateway with Seeeduino LoRaWAN and Grove modules, you can build your IOT prototype within minutes.


Regarding the gateway module RHF0M301, it is a 10 channel(8 x Multi-SF + 1 x Standard LoRa + 1 x FSK) LoRaWan gateway moduel with a 24pin DIP port on board, users can easily connect the RHF0M301 with PRI 2 bridge RHF4T002, adapter for Raspberry Pi 3 and RHF0M301.


There are several type of RHF0M301 distinguished by different communication frequency. This kit provides RHF0M301-868MHz (for the 915MHz version, please click here), so we also included a 868MHz antenna. Apart from that the kit also contains an 8GB SD card and USB cables, Ethernet Cables and other accessories. 




Please update the firmware when the first time to use it. Please always plug 3.7V Lipo battery in case USB power supply is not sufficient.




  • Low power consumption & wide area

  • Industrial standard reliability

  • Economic solution to build LoRa /LoRaWAN network

  • Rich Accessories of sensor and actuator

  • Real time monitoring


Technical Details

Dimensions 200mm x 130mm x 50mm
Weight G.W 412g    
Battery Exclude

Part List

Raspberry Pi 3 1
Seeeduino LoRaWAN with GPS 1
Gateway module RHF0M301 – 868 1
PRI 2 Bridge RHF4T002 1
8GB Micro SD Card – Class 10 1
USB to UART Adapter 1
0dBi Rubber Duck Antenna 1
Micro USB Cable 20cm 1
Micro USB Cable 100cm 1
RJ45 Ethernet Cable 200cm 1
5V/2.1A American Standard Adapter with Micro USB Connector 1


ECCN 5A991.e
HSCODE 9023009000


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