Grove Shield for Seeeduino XIAO - with embedded battery management chip

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  • On-board Lithium Battery Charging and Management Function
  • Grove connectors (Grove IIC*2, Grove UART*1), all 14 GPIO led out
  • Compact and Breakable Design
  • SPI-Flash Bonding Pad Reserved
  • On-board Power Switch and Charging Status Indicator Light


Seeeduino XIAO has been becoming more and more popular in our community since it was released! As we have Grove Shield for many mainstream boards for easy test and better use of our Grove modules, many fans of Seeeduino XIAO have been asking whether we will have a Grove Shield for it, the much-anticipated Grove Shield for Seeeduino XIAO is now on board!


It’s a plug-and-play Grove extension board for Seeeduino XIAO. This Shield helps you get rid of jumper wires and soldering work by pulling out the pins of the Seeeduino XIAO and expands to 8 Grove connectors, including two Grove IIC and one UART. It acts as a bridge for Seeeduino XIAO and Seeed's Grove system, which provides 300+ of different Grove modules including sensor, actuator, communication, display, etc. No more jumper wires and soldering work, you could enjoy creating more projects with Seeeduino XIAO easily and quickly.


With the on-board battery management chip and battery bonding pad, you could easily power your Seeeduino XIAO with lithium 3.7V battery and recharge it, making your projects, especially wearables ones, more flexible and in portable. You could even break the board through the onboard PCB stamp holds according to your actual needs of the project (only 25*39mm in dimension after break-off), making it smaller than smaller.



As an extension board, the Grove Shield for Seeeduino XIAO also pulls all 14 pinout from Seeeduino XIAO, and its on-board power switch and charging status indicator light makes it more user-friendly. The Shield even reserves the SPI-Flash bonding pad for an advanced developer who may need to add Flash to Seeeduino XIAO to expand its memory space, providing Seeeduino XIAO with more possibilities.


If you are a fan of Seeeduino XIAO already, you would not miss this Grove Shield; if you are hesitating to have one because of the scare of soldering works, it is the chance to start the wonderful experience with Seeeduino XIAO now!


A pair of non-soldered 7-pin headers are accompanied in the product of Seeeduino XIAO. You could solder them before connecting Seeeduino XIAO with this Shield by plugging the soldered pin headers into the female headers on the Shield.  

Hardware Overview


  • Wearable devices
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Grove modules testing
  • Projects require small size


Parameters values
Power Supply 5V / 3.7V Lithium Battery
Load Capacity 800mA
Charging current 400mA (Max)
Operating Temperature - 40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature -55°C to 150°C
Grove Interface Grove * 8 (IIC*2 / UART*1)






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