TMDSDOCK28335 TMS320F28335 Experimenter Kit

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TMDSDOCK28335 is a DIMM100 controlCARD based evaluation and development tool for the C2000™ Delfino™ F2833x series of microcontroller products. The docking station provides power to the controlCARD and has a bread-board area for prototyping.  Access to the key device signals are available using a series of header pins.

Hardware Features
•    TMDSCNCD28335: TMS320F28335 DIMM100 based controlCARD
•    DIMM100 Docking Station baseboard with DIMM100 controlCARD female connector
o    XDS100v1 USB-to-JTAG Debug Probe enables real-time in-system programming and debugging
o    Header pin access to key MCU signals – including most major digital IO and analog inputs
o    Breadboard area for customizable routing/prototyping
o    Board power can be provided by the provided USB cable or a 5V barrel supply
•    Hardware Files are in C2000Ware at boards\controlCARDs\TMDSCNCD28335

Software Features
•    Free download of Code Composer Studio IDE
•    Free download of controlSUITE for device drivers and example projects
•    Several C2000 workshops were created to help teach users about the F2833x family of devices
•    The 2010 C2000 Teaching ROM was built around the similar TMDSPREX28335 kit and can serve as a good reference.
•    MathWorks Embedded Coder support
•    solidThinking Embed Support

Get Started
•    Install controlSUITE
•    Install Code Composer Studio IDE
•    Open the Quick Start guide: Experimenter Kit Overview
•    Ask questions on the TI C2000 e2e forum

What's Included
•    Delfino F28335 controlCARD
•    DIMM100 Docking Station baseboard
•    USB Cable – A Male to B Male

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