Ruggeduino-ET "Extended Temperature" -40C - 85C

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NOW Shipping the updated Ruggeduino-SE and ET models.  Performance upgrades include a new Power Supply IC with reduced ripple and improved current capabilities.  A rock solid 5.0V analog reference is now included for improved A-D, and a USB reset jumper has been added to the USB circuit.  

The newest Ruggeduino-ET is more reliable, flexible, robust and feature rich!   Allowable external input voltage has increased from 24V to 30V and the minimum input voltage lowered from 7V to 3.5V ( operates from a 3.5V input voltage while still providing a 5V system voltage!)  The 5V and 3.3V output voltage pins provide more current. The operating temperature is now -10C, and the Ruggeduino-ET Extended Temperature version operates down to -40C!

The manufacturing process has also been improved while using even higher quality components.  The Ruggeduino-ET now includes commercially-signed and supported USB drivers with support for all versions of major operating systems.  The new Ruggeduino-ET is improved on every level! 

The Ruggeduino-ET is a ruggedized Arduino-compatible microcontroller board. Features include overcurrent and overvoltage protection on all I/O pins and 5V/3.3V outputs, ESD protection on all I/O pins and USB port, total microcontroller overcurrent protection, and operation at up to 30V. Fully assembled and ready to work right out of the box. Works with the Arduino GUI and is compatible with Arduino shields and libraries.

Who needs a Ruggeduino? Anyone. There are some things a regular Arduino will tolerate; other actions will destroy it immediately. We took all the common mistakes that people make with their Arduinos or may experience environmentally and designed the Ruggeduino to protect against them. Everyone from students just getting started with electronics to busy engineers that can’t afford to have their tools fail them can benefit from a microcontroller board that forgives mistakes and tolerates more from the environment.

Think of it this way: one Ruggeduino costs much less than two Arduinos, and you don’t have to wait for the second one to arrive after you destroy your first.

Please visit the Technical Information page for full details on installation and usage.


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