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The Rugged Mega has been years in the making.  Many customers have requested a "Ruggedized" microcontroller board with increased processing and connectivity.  The ATmega 2560 powers the Rugged MEGA and leverages the many protective features found in the Ruggeduino-SE.  Added feature not found on standard Arduino Megas is the ability to run standard Uno or Ruggeduino shields in addition to Mega based/compatible shield.  More information can be found on our Rugged MEGA tech page in the Jumper J12 Section.

Ready for Industrial environments with built-in DIN Rail Mounting holes.  Rugged MEGA DIN Rail kit can be found here.

*NEW*The Rugged MEGA and Rugged MEGA ET have received power supply upgrades and now officially carry our "Industrial Ready" seal.  The reworked power supply offers increased efficiency, quieter operation, and more consistent performance across the entire operating voltage spectrum.

See the difference between the standard Arduino Mega and the Rugged MEGA and the value of the MEGA here on our Technical Information Page.

The Rugged MEGA is a ruggedized Arduino-compatible microcontroller board.  It is directly compatible with the Arduino Mega. It uses the same microcontroller (ATmega 2560), same Arduino GUI, same clock frequency, same connectors, and same connector positions.  It differs from the standard Arduino Mega in that Rugged MEGA features include overcurrent and overvoltage protection on I/O pins and 5V/3.3V outputs, ESD protection on I/O pins and USB port, total microcontroller overcurrent protection, and operation at up to 30V.  The Rugged MEGA power section is also more robust, resilient, and efficient.  Fully assembled and ready to work right out of the box. Works with the Arduino GUI and is compatible with Arduino shields and libraries.


Key Features:

Arduino Mega Compatible- Header Locations, Shields, GUI

ATmega 2560

256k Program Memory Space

15 PWM (4 not available if the SPI lines from the ATMega 2560 are sent to the I/O pins for compatibility with non-Mega shields)

Line Protection on 1x8 and 1x10 Headers.   30mA resettable fuses and zeners.  I/O voltage protection up to 24V

Built-in DIN Rail Mounting holes

3.3V and 5V output pin protection withstands 30V

Vin Reverse Voltage Protection up to 30V

Operating Temp -10C - +85C

Operating Voltage Range 3.5V - 30V

Size 3.91" x 2.1"


The Rugged MEGA mates the increased processing power and connectivity of the ATmega 2560 with all the great protection features of the Ruggeduino-SE.   

Available Options:

Quick Shield PRO


Aussie Shield PRO


Rugged MEGARugged MEGARugged MEGARugged MEGARugged MEGARugged MEGA

Rugged MEGARugged MEGA

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