RFM26W Cheap 142-1050Mhz RF Transceiver Module

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Cheap 142-1050Mhz RF Transceiver Module

You can get best low cost long range wireless RF Transceiver Module at 142-1050Mhz for RFM26W with very low cost in HOPERF, We are professional RF transceiver module at 142-1050Mhz for RFM26W as well as RF Transmitter and Receiver Module Wholesalers,suppliers,factories,manufactures.

1. Descriptions of RF Transceiver Module RFM26W:


The RFM26W module is high-performance, low current transceiver covering the sub-GHz frequency bands from 142 to1050 MHz. It offers outstanding sensitivity of –126 dBm while achieving extremely low active and standby current consumption. The RFM26W offers continuous frequency coverage across the entire sub-GHz band from 142–1050 MHz with extremely fine frequency resolution. 


The RFM26W includes optimal phase noise, blocking, and selectivity performance for narrow band and licensed band applications such as FCC Part90 and 169 MHz wireless Mbus. The 50 dB adjacent channel selectivity with 25 kHz channel spacing ensures robust receive operation in harsh RF conditions, which is particularly important for narrowband operation. The RFM26W offers exceptional output power of up to +20 dBm with outstanding TX efficiency. 


The high output power and sensitivity results in an industry leading link budget of 146 dB allowing extended ranges and highly robust communication links. The RFM26W can achieve up to +27 dBm output power with built in ramping control of a low-cost, external FET. The devices are compliant with all worldwide regulatory standards:The module is compliant with all worldwide regulatory standards: FCC, ETSI, and ARIB. All devices are designed to be compliant with 802.15.4g and WMbus smart metering standards.


2. Features of RF Sub-Ghz Transceiver Module RFM26W:


Frequency range = 142–1050 MHz

Power supply = 1.8 to 3.6 V

Receive sensitivity = –126 dBm


 (G)FSK & 4(G)FSK


+20 dBmMax output power

 PA support for +27dBm

 Low active power consumption

10/13 mA RX

 Excellent selectivity performance

 50 dB adjacent channel

 > 73 dB blocking at 1 MHz

 Antenna diversity and T/R switch control

 Highly configurable packet handler

TX and RX 64 byte FIFOs

Auto frequency control (AFC)

 Automatic gain control (AGC)

 Low Battery Detector

 Ultra low current powerdown modes

 30 nA shutdown, 50 nA standby

 Data rate = 0.123 kbps to 1Mbps

 Fast wake and hop times

 Low BOM

 Temperature Sensor


3. Applications of RF Transceiver Module RFM26W:


Smart metering (802.15.4g & Mbus)

 Remote keyless entry

 Remote control

Home security and alarm


 Garage and gate openers

 Home automation

 Industrial control

 Sensor networks

Health monitors


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