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NVIDIA® TITAN RTX is the fastest PC graphics card ever built. It’s powered by the award-winning Turing architecture, bringing 130 Tensor TFLOPs of performance, 576 tensor cores, and 24 GB of ultra-fast GDDR6 memory to your PC.

TITAN RTX powers AI, machine learning, and creative workflows.

The most demanding users need the best tools. TITAN RTX is built on NVIDIA’s Turing GPU architecture and includes the latest Tensor Core and RT Core technology for accelerating AI and ray tracing. It’s also supported by NVIDIA drivers and SDKs so that developers, researchers, and creators can work faster and deliver better results.

Start AI Development Now

Train AI models faster with 576 NVIDIA Turing mixed-precision Tensor Cores delivering 130 TFLOPS of AI performance. Supported by NVIDIA’s CUDA-X AI SDK, including cuDNN, TensorRT, and more than 15 other libraries. Works with all popular deep learning frameworks and is compatible with NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC).

Accelerate Data Science

Work faster with 4608 NVIDIA Turing CUDA cores accelerating end-to-end data science workflows. Process huge data sets with 24 GB GDDR6 memory (or 48 GB with NVLink). Get started today with the RAPIDS suite of libraries for data science, built on NVIDIA’s CUDA-X AI SDK. Develop on your PC and deploy to the data center with ease.



6Graphics Processing Clusters

36Texture Processing Clusters

72Streaming Multiprocessors

4608CUDA Cores (single precision)

576Tensor Cores

72RT Cores

1350 MHzBase Clock (MHz)

1770 MHzBoost Clock (MHz)

7000 MHzMemory Clock

14 GbpsMemory Data Rate

6144 KL2 Cache Size

24 GDDR6Total Video Memory

384-bitMemory Interface

672 GB/sTotal Memory Bandwidth

510 GigaTexels/secTexture Rate (Bilinear)

12 nm FFNFabrication Process

18.6 BillionTransistor Count

3 x DisplayPort , 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB Type-CConnectors

OS Certification

Dual SlotForm Factor

Two 8-pinPower Connectors

650 WattsRecommended Power Supply

280 WattsThermal Design Power (TDP)1

89° CThermal Threshold2


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