Mini51FDE: Vi điều khiển 32-bit lõi ARM Cortex-M0

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The Mini51 operates at 2.5V ~ 5.5V and -40℃ ~ 105℃, and provides 22.1184 MHz high precision internal oscillator (±1% accuracy at 25℃, 5V) , Data Flash configurable and high immunity (8KV ESD, 4KV EFT) . Package types include TSSOP20, QFN33 and LQFP48.

Target Application: Security/Alarm, Temperature Sensor, Motor, etc.

The NuMicro Mini51™ series can run up to 24 MHz and operate at 2.5V ~ 5.5V, -40℃ ~ 105℃, and thus can afford to support a variety of industrial control and applications which need high CPU performance. The NuMicro Mini51™ series offers 4K/8K/16K-bytes embedded program flash, size configurable data flash (shared with program flash), 2K-byte flash for the ISP, and 2Kbyte SRAM. Many system level peripheral functions, such as I/O Port, Timer, UART, SPI, I2
C, PWM, ADC, Watchdog Timer, Analog Comparator and Brown-out Detector, have been incorporated into the NuMicro Mini51™ series in order to reduce component count, board space and system cost. These useful functions make the NuMicro  Mini51™  series  powerful for a wide range of applications. Additionally, the NuMicro Mini51™ series is equipped with ISP (In-System Programming) and ICP (In-Circuit Programming) functions, which allow the user to update the program memory without removing the chip from the actual end product.


      ARM® Cortex™-M0 core running up to 24 MHz
      One 24-bit system timer
      Supports Low Power Sleep mode
      A single-cycle 32-bit hardware multiplier
      NVIC for the 32 interrupt inputs, each with 4-level of priority
      Supports Serial Wire Debug  (SWD)  interface and two  watch points/four breakpoints
      Built-in LDO for wide operating voltage ranged: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
            +  4 KB/ 8 KB/ 16 KB Flash memory for program memory (APROM)
            +  Configurable Flash memory for data memory (Data Flash)
            +  2 KB Flash for loader (LDROM)
            +  2 KB SRAM for internal scratch-pad RAM (SRAM)
    Clock Control
            +  Programmable system clock source
            +  Switch clock sources on-the-fly
            +  4 ~ 24 MHz external crystal input (HXT)
            +  32.768 kHz external crystal input (LXT) for Power-down wake-up and system operation clock
            +  22.1184 MHz internal oscillator (HIRC) (1% accuracy at 25oC, 5V) 
            +  Dynamically calibrating the HIRC OSC to 22.1184 MHz ±1% from -40oC to 105oC by external 32.768K crystal oscillator (LXT)
            +  10 kHz internal low-power oscillator (LIRC) for Watchdog Timer and Powerdown wake-up
    I/O Port
            +  Up to 30 general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins for LQFP-48 package
            +  Four I/O modes:
            +  Input-only with high impendence
            +  Push-pull output
            +  Open-drain output
            +  Quasi-bidirectional
            +  TTL/Schmitt trigger input selectable
            +  I/O pin can be configured as interrupt source with edge/level setting
            +  Supports high driver and high sink I/O mode
            +  Configurable default I/O mode of all pins after POR
            +  Provides two channel 32-bit timers. One 8-bit pre-scale counter with 24-bit up counter for each timer
            +  Independent clock source for each timer
            +  Provides One-shot, Periodic, Toggle and Continuous operation modes
            +  24-bit up counter value is readable through TDR (Timer Data Register)
            +  Provides trigger counting/free counting/counter reset function  triggered by external capture pin or internal comparator signal
            +  Provides event counter function
            +  Supports wake-up from Idle or Power-down mode
    WDT (Watchdog Timer)
            +  Multiple clock sources
            +  Supports wake-up from Idle or Power-down mode
            +  Interrupt or reset selectable on watchdog time-out
            +  Independent 16-bit PWM duty control units with maximum six outputs
            +  Supports group/synchronous/independent/ complementary modes
            +  Supports One-shot or Auto-reload mode
            +  Supports Edge-aligned and Center-aligned type
            +  Programmable dead-zone insertion between complementary channels
            +  Each output has independent polarity setting control
            +  Hardware fault brake protections
            +  Supports duty, period, and fault break interrupts
            +  Supports duty/period trigger ADC conversion
            +  Timer comparing matching event trigger PWM to do phase change
            +  Supports comparator event trigger PWM to force PWM output low for current period
            +  Provides interrupt accumulation function
    UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitters)
            +  One UART device
            +  Buffered receiver and transmitter, each with 16-byte FIFO
            +  Optional flow control function (CTSn and RTSn)
            +  Supports IrDA (SIR) function
            +  Programmable baud-rate generator up to 1/16 system clock
            +  Supports RS-485 function
    SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)
            +  One SPI devices
            +  Supports Master/Slave mode
            +  Full-duplex synchronous serial data transfer NuMicro Mini51
            +  Provides 3-wire function
            +  Variable length of transfer data from 8 to 32 bits
            +  MSB or LSB first data transfer
            +  Rx latching data can be either at rising edge or at falling edge of serial clock
            +  Tx sending data can be either at rising edge or at falling edge of serial clock
            +  Supports Byte Suspend mode in 32-bit transmission
            +  4-level depth FIFO buffer
            +  Supports Master/Slave mode
            +  Bidirectional data transfer between masters and slaves
            +  Multi-master bus (no central master)
            +  Arbitration between simultaneously transmitting masters without corruption of serial data on the bus
            +  Serial clock synchronization allows  devices with different bit rates to communicate via one serial bus
            +  Serial clock synchronization can be used as a handshake mechanism to suspend and resume serial transfer
            +  Programmable clocks allow for versatile rate control
            +  Supports 7-bit addressing mode
            +  Supports multiple address recognition (four slave addresses with mask option)
            +  Supports Power-down wake-up function
            +  Support FIFO function
    ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter)
            +  10-bit SAR ADC with 300K SPS
            +  Up to 8-ch single-end input and one internal input from band-gap
            +  Conversion started  either by software trigger, PWM trigger, or  external pin trigger
            +  Supports conversion value monitoring (or comparison) for threshold voltage detection
    Analog Comparator
            +  Two analog comparators with programmable 16-level internal voltage reference
            +  Build-in CRV (comparator reference voltage)
            +  Supports Hysteresis function
            +  Interrupt when compared results changed
    ISP (In-System Programming) and ICP (In-Circuit Programming)
    BOD (Brown-out Detector)
            +  With 4 programmable threshold levels: 4.4V/3.7V/2.7V/2.2V
            +  Supports Brown-out interrupt and reset option NuMicro Mini51
    96-bit unique ID
    LVR (Low Voltage Reset)
            +  Threshold voltage level: 2.0V
    Operating Temperature: -40℃~105℃
    Reliability: EFT > ± 4KV, ESD HBM pass 4KV
            +  Green package (RoHS)
            +  48-pin LQFP (7x7), 33-pin QFN (5x5) , 33-pin QFN (4x4), 20-pin TSSOP

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