Grove Zero STEM Starter Kit

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About The Product

Grove Zero is a series of color-coded and magnetic electronic modules that teaches students about programming, electronics, design thinking, and logics. The modules are plug-and-play and programmable with our computer-based app, or with the drag-and-drop blocks using the Microsoft MakeCode. Students can either just snap them together to make fun creative projects, or get into re-program the modules for advanced projects. With a curriculum that is written by very experienced educators, Grove Zero Kits allows teachers with no experience or lots of experience to bring the detailed lesson plans into their classroom and embed them in their learning system. 



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Modules can be snapped together easily in anyway. For users without any prior electronics experience,there is no wrong way to make a mistake. Modules can be snapped together easily in anyway. For users without any prior electronics experience, there is no wrong way to make a mistake. Thanks to its magnetic connectors, Grove Zero can be connected in any way. For more information about magnetic connections please check this  out.


Color Coded

Grove Zero are all color-coded by functions. Pink for the main board, blue for input module, white for output module, and green for battery module. 



Visual Programming 

Grove Zero supports Microsoft MakeCode and Module Matcher, which are easy-to-use visual programming tool enables advanced features.


Module Matcher


An entry-level, computer-based app to help you learn the basics of coding as well as practice your logical thinking. You can make simple projects very easilly and quickly, just by pairing up the actions of an input and the reactions of an output. 


[Download] Module Matcher for Version)

[Download] Module Matcher for Version)

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Microsoft MakeCode for Grove Zero is a web-based code editor for physical computing. It provides a block editor, similar to Scratch or, and also a JavaScript editor for more advanced users. Try it now at!




What You Will Get

(1)Basic Invention Guide 

The Invention Guide provides the fundamentals of Grove Zero modules, helps beginners get started with 6 creative and playful projects and the corresponding instructions. 


[Download] Basic Invention Guide 


(2) Educator's Guides

8 lessons, including 60+ pages of detailed instruction and teaching tips to help educators bring Grove Zero into their classroom. 


Download Product Overview PDF

Download Teachers' Guide PDF

Download Students' Log PDF

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