Analog AC Current Sensor SKU SEN0211

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When you want to measure AC current it is impractical and hazardous to cut in to your live wiring. The analog AC current sensordeveloped by DFRobot is a good solution to this problem. Using induction you can measure AC current without intrusive methods. Place your AC wire inside the unit, connect the unit to the sensor board using the 3.5mm jack connector and connect the sensor board to an analog input on your microcontroller. Use this sensor to measure AC motors, lighting equipment, air compressors or any other devices that use AC current.

Gravity Analog AC Current Sensor Connection


  • Supports Gravity 3-Pin interface
  • Analog output


  • Module 
    • Operating Voltage: 3.3V - 5.5V
    • Analog Output Voltage: 0.2V - 2.8V (DC)
    • AC Signal Input Range: 0 - 1V (AC)
    • Relative Error: + 3%
    • Interface: PH2.0-3P
    • Dimensions: 32 * 27 mm/1.26 * 1.06 inches
  • AC Current Sensor Probe 
    • AC Measurement Range: 0 - 20A
    • AC Signal Output: 0 - 1V AC map onto 0-20 A
    • Non-linearity: ±3% (10% ~ 120% of the rated input current)
    • lead length: 1.5 meters
    • Opening and closing times: >= 1000 times
    • Working temperature: -25℃ to +70℃
    • Dimensions: 13 * 13mm/ 0.51 * 0.51 inches



  • Analog AC Current Sensor x1
  • Open type AC transformer probe x1
  • Analog Sensor Cable x1
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