3-CH Relay for Jetson Nano Quality 3-Ch Relay Expansion Board Designed For Jetson Nano, Optocoupler Isolation

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Weight: 0.087 kg

  1. 3-CH Relay for Jetson Nano x1
  2. Acrylic panel x1
  3. Screws pack x1

Quality 3-Ch Relay Expansion Board Designed For Jetson Nano, Optocoupler Isolation


3 Channels Relay Control
Configurable Control Pin, Up To 2x Stackable

Features At A Glance

  • Standard 40PIN GPIO header, directly pluggable onto the Jetson Nano
  • Incorporate quality relay component, max load: ≤5A 250V AC or ≤5A 30V DC
  • Optocoupler isolation, prevent interference from the high voltage circuitry
  • Indicators for monitoring the relay operating status
  • Control pins of relays are configurable via jumpers
  • Acrylic bottom panel, isolating the Jetson Nano from the relay expansion board
  • Comes with development resources and user manual (python and python-bottle examples)

What Can It Do?

It Will Give Your Jetson Nano The Ability To Control High Voltage Home Appliances, And More...

Tailored For Jetson Nano

Jetson Nano Developer Kit B01 (Left) And Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit (Right)

3-Ch Relay Control

Quality Relay Component With Optocoupler Isolation

Isolation Bottom Panel, Prevent Interference From The High Voltage Circuitry

Indicators And Selection Jumpers

Easy To Monitor The Relay Operating Status, Control Pins Of Relays Are Configurable

What's On Board

  1. 40PIN GPIO header
  2. Relay screw terminals
  3. Relay components
  4. Optocouplers
  1. Relay operating indicators
  2. Power indicator
  3. Relay control pin selection jumpers

Pinout Definition

Outline Dimensions

Resources & Services

Wiki: 3-CH_Relay_for_Jetson_Nano


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